What is Scarlet Esports?

We are a fellowship of passionate Rutgers University and Rutgers Esports Alumni who feel that continued esports involvement among like-minded individuals will help create connections and opportunities in the esports industry. It is led by a team of the programs most passionate alumni, dedicated to the esports industry. We aim to create alumni involvement through networking, events, and business opportunities for all collegiate esports alumni.

How did Scarlet Esports start?

Executive Director Scott Zackman took what started out as a joke (a group of Rutgers Esports alumni continuing to produce high quality events) and sculpted it into what was first going to be an esports consulting firm. Over time, the founding members decided to shift the focus towards creating a network for all alumni involved in the esports industry. We currently have seven senior members involved in 7 separate sections of the industry.

What does Scarlet Esports do?

Currently, not too much. The program is still in its infant stages and is looking to grow our network of industry professionals and collegiate esports alumni. Our first major event will be honoring Rutgers Alumni in the soon to be opened Rutgers Esports LAN Center. Our goal here is to induct select Rutgers University alumni that graduated before Rutgers Esports began. In the future, we plan to host networking events and outings geared towards general member involvement. Current members are involved in casting events, hosting panels/workshops, and graphic design.

Why create Scarlet Esports?

Scarlet Esports is an association set to develop and create collegiate esports alumni career aspirations and connect industry professionals. During our time at Rutgers Esports, we found that a lot of our work and development reflects that of a real company. So our senior partners decided to band together and get involved!

If this page didn’t answer your questions, you can reach us at our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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